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Do You Only Sell Homes in Whittier?


People often ask me, "Do you only sell homes in Whittier?" And, I tell them, "No, I sell homes all over Southern California. But, my home base is Whittier, and all of my marketing is focused on Whittier."

I see Whittier as the hub of my real estate business. It is centrally located, smack-dab in the middle of the Southland. It is only 15 miles from Downtown Los Angeles, on the border of Orange County, just over the hill from the San Gabriel Valley a few miles up from the Port of Long Beach and an easy drive to just about anywhere you need to go. The central location of Whittier is another reason why so many people choose to live here, but are able to commute to Downtown L.A. or to Orange County, or even out to the Inland Empire.

You may occasionally hear people talk about how Southern California has every recreational activity or event you can imagine. You can go snow skiing in Big Bear in the morning, then hit the beach in the afternoon. Of course, you'll want to stop at home in Whittier to change from your insulated snow bib overalls to Speedos and bikinis, and go from snowboards to surfboards.

One man I met was looking to buy a second home. He wanted to rent out his current house and move into a new home that is slightly larger. Since he worked in Burbank, my first thought was that he would want to buy a home closer to work; but no, he didn't mind the commute from Whittier to the San Fernando Valley. He loves Whittier and its home town feeling, the quiet neighborhoods and the All-American Whittier Uptown area. He also liked the fact that Whittier homes are more affordable than homes in the San Fernando Valley. So, he has decided to forego "Beautiful Downtown Burbank" in favor of gorgeous Uptown Whittier.

Who can blame him?

Do I sell only Whittier homes? No, but you can see why it is my center.


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